A tiny piece of time is a three-piece electroacoustic performance for sixteen channels. All music was created with samples made from existing music and spatialized across a “wall of sound”, or a high resolution stereo field. In each piece, the samples were manipulated differently. The first one, called Granular Mingus, works with the piece named “The Shoes Of The Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers”. This entire song was manipulated with a granular synthesizer that controlled pitch, grain size and grain triggering speed while it was playing at normal speed, giving space for improvisation and the discovery of new sounds in a pre-made song that lost its original meaning through audio processing.

The second piece is called A tiny piece of time. Its musical development consists of three identical tracks that are delayed, equalized and panned in different ways between each other. The sample was also stretched in time for the piece to last 12 minutes (the original is 10 seconds long). The main objective of this piece was to perceive and appreciate the microscopic changes and interactions between the three tracks that were playing the same sample.

The third piece is called Mechanical Sampling. It consisted of the triggering and overlapping of small different chunks of samples of the song Modern Lesson by Aksak Maboul. This created a percussive composition that evolved through repetitions and changes on the sample chunks. Each section had a considerable timbre change, and every small chunk was panned into a different speaker.

Finally, this piece was performed in the context of the end of my Master Studies at UDK.

Music: Francisco Riffo Gómez
Acknowledgments: Hans Peter Kuhn, Gary Schultz
Video: Jan Thoben
Year: 2022
Francisco Riffo Gómez · A tiny piece of time