Bomba Mori is a project that emerged from questions about the practice of electroacoustic music in an improvisational context. We were three friends and classmates studying contemporary instrumental music, and we wanted to go beyond what our theoretical knowledge gave us. We asked ourselves: what can we learn from new digital approaches to sound and improvisation? How do we create music, especially at such an early stage in our careers? And – what results when three different personalities come together to answer these questions through music?

The result was a collection of sounds that went from Stockhausen's electronic music style and processed turntabled Chopin vinyls to live rapping and looping the performance with an old Walkman. The project concluded with an album that is still awaiting release.

Tracio Fuentes: turntables, processed toys.
Francisco Riffo Gómez: keyboards, sampling.
Andrés Quezada: computer processing, keyboards, clarinet.
Francisco Riffo Gómez · bombix mori