Drums & Drone is a three-piece composition performance for computer, in which I use percussive samples with tiny chops of samples from different types of music to create hectic and short compositions with a special timbrical quality. All of them were programmed in Max/MSP.

The first composition is a micro piece in which classical drum samples are randomized while simultaneously triggering small 50-millisecond chunks of sound from about 20 songs in succession.

The second composition consists of small chunks of an Eric Dolphy piece. These are triggered all at the same time with different pitches in 8 different channels and with different pannings. Each section changes as the chunk of the sample changes.

Finally, the third composition is a drone of 7 minutes made with the wavetable synthesizer Serum that changes the tuning of the notes slightly, depending on the velocity of their triggering.

This was performed and premiered live at Osvaldo’s Warehouse.

Music: Francisco Riffo Gómez
Acknowledgments: Andrés Quezada, Osvaldo Sotomayor
Francisco Riffo Gómez · Drums & Drone