Exile is an intimate installation in which you enter a room alone. There is an old DDR cassette deck with a projector pointing to the wall, waiting for you on a table. On the side there is a box filled with cassettes with different titles. Each side of the tape is a chapter of four interviews of Chilean exiled adults and children that had to escape from the Chilean dictatorship of 1973. In it, they tell their memories and experiences, before and after the coup. How was life in Chile before, and how it is now. This work tries to show the contradictions of history and its frictions, of one of the country’s most painful and unresolved stories.

Translations & Editing: Matías Fleischmann, Meghan Butters, Francisco Riffo Gómez
Programming: Hans Peter Kuhn & Francisco Riffo Gómez
Acknowledgments: CL, ALIG, CLuz, P, Kirstine Kjeldsen, Hugo Esquinca
Year: 2020